Pass Along Kindness Cards

Are you ready to practice kindness in your community? Arrive Utah invites you to join in the kindness movement!

Kindness CardsThe kindness pass-along card encourages a recipient to pay it forward and pass the kindness on to someone else. Imagine the positive energy that a single kindness card can carry from hand, to hand, to hand. Showing others a sense of belonging in the community can be the encouragement that one might need to find a sense of acceptance and the ability to build relationships. Be the first person to start a chain of kindness in your community.

Note: It is against the law to leave items in mailboxes. Please do not leave any kindness cards in any mailbox.

Click here to download and print your own Kindness Cards.


Spreading Sunshine Activity

Arrive_Spreading_SunshineWe want to spread sunshine and kindness around our communities. Think of at least one person you care about and want to spread sunshine too. Encourage others to spread sunshine, by paying it forward to another friend or neighbor with our kindness pass along cards. 


Post to social media with #ArriveWithKindness and tag @arriveutah that you've received sunshine. We want to repost the sunshine spreading!

Print "Spreading Sunshine Activity" sheets



Past Kindness Activities 


Print out the Kindness Caterpillar

Print out the Arrive with Kindness Bingo

Print out the Arrive with Kindness Scavenger Hunt

Print out the "How to Love Someone Challenge"  

Print out the "Heart Attack Activity"