Are you ready to practice kindness in your community? Arrive Utah invites you to join in the kindness movement! Stop by our office to pick up cards to pass to others when you perform an act of kindness. The kindness pass along card encourages a recipient to pay it forward and pass the kindness on to someone else. Imagine the positive energy that a single Kindness card can carry from hand, to hand, to hand. Pick them up and be the first person to start a chain of kindness in our community.

Please call our office to arrange a time to pick up kindness cards that are sanitizable (385) 236-5551


To download and print your own Kindness Cards, select the PDFs below:

Cards for Strangers                    Cards for Neighbors

Cards for Friends                          Cards for Teachers

Cards for Classmates                 Cards for Your Family


Sheets with multiple cards to print:

(best for the classroom)

Cards for Teachers, Neighbors, Classmates, Family

(best for people you don't know)

Cards for Strangers and Neighbors 

(best for community groups)

Cards for Friends, Strangers, Neighbors, Family