Where to begin? 

Are you ready for Circles? Answer these questions to find out.

This is an amazing experience that opens your eyes to poverty and those in your own community. - Utah Circles Ally

1) Is the Circles Initiative a good fit for my community?

The Circles Initiative works best in communities that are addressing local poverty.


2) Do I have an established organization with the skills, leadership, and resources needed to lead a Circles Initiative?

Organizations like services agencies, local governments or churches have led Circles Initiatives in their communities.


3) Does my community have key champions dedicated to helping families permanently leave poverty in our community?

Individuals who spend about 10 hours per month helping their community are often a good fit.

Are you ready? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above questions or want help getting to a ‘yes,’ contact Arrive Utah.

As the state-lead for the Circles Initiative, we are excited to help you!