Seeking a career that would enable her to help others, Kathy discovered Circles two years ago. She believes that with an engaged community, we can overcome poverty.


I first heard about Circles in 2015 when I was looking for a change in career that would give me the opportunity to help others improve their lives. I knew I wanted to be involved when I learned that Circles helps families in poverty by surrounding them with healthy relationships that support them in moving towards self-reliance. After working with Circles for almost two years now, I am even more impressed by the initiative because I see the difference good relationships, coaching and education can make. They help people believe in themselves and achieve their goals. I love that this is possible when you have committed and dedicated participants matched with community volunteers (allies) Kathy's head shotfrom the middle/upper class. These uncommon friendships bring about the support needed, and everyone is changed for the better.

I have also learned what wonderful people live in Utah and how much desire this community has to lift and help each other. There are so many supports in our community that help our families in a myriad of ways. This gives me hope that when we work together we can conquer the scourges of poverty in our communities. However, there is still so much to do to educate our communities about poverty. For this reason, I am so grateful for Circles and the relationship model it provides to help make lasting change in people’s lives and our communities. As long as there are those that need support and a hand up to succeed, Circles and our community will be there to help.