Story Submission Terms & Conditions

I hereby grant Arrive Utah to release my name, written story or interview, photography, or audiovisual productions to the media and other public outlets. It is my understanding that this information will be used for public relations purposes.

I understand that I freely grant Arrive Utah permission to use the submitted story or video/photograph including the right to reproduce, distribute, display, broadcast, communicate to the public, alter, crop, edit, modify, adapt, or otherwise use, either in whole or in part, in any and all unlimited media. I also understand that my name, quotes, or statements may be included in an article/newscast, agency publication or posted to our website.

I attest that the video/photography or story submitted are my original work and have not been copied or derived from any other source and that I have the full and unconditional right to grant this permission for use.

I acknowledge and agree that Arrive Utah has permission to give or withhold any credit towards the original creator for any content submitted.

I recognize that Arrive Utah is a non-profit organization and I have waived any claim for payment for the use of my name, interview, photography, or audiovisual productions. I release the agency from responsibility should a third party violate the terms of this release.

I am of legal age and understand and agree to the terms written above.